Dropbox Credentials

Step 1 & 2

  • Clik op “App console”

Go to the developers page of dropbox

  • On this new page click in the upper right corner on “create app”

Step 3 & 4

  • Click on “Scoped access”

  • Always select the option “App folder…”

  • Give a name to the app. If you need to create multiple folders for the different countries within the app, then use the country as folder-name. Within each country folder create foler per therapist.

  • click on “create app”

  • Click on the “files metadat.read”

  • Click on the “files.content.read”

Step 5

  • Please copy the “App key” and “App Secret”.

Please list all the credentials in the excel list below and send them to me

If you have any questions regarding the dropboxcredentails, please feel free to ask!

Download hier je whitepaper.

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